Astra Fenestration partners with garage door manufacturers GARAGA inc. and GAREX inc. to meet your renovation or replacement needs for your old garage door.

We offer you a wide range of colors and ornamental patterns to personalize your door according to your tastes and the style of your home.

Tips for choosing your garage door

1. Add style to your home
– Replacing your garage door can significantly improve the exterior appearance of your home. Our locations offer virtual previews to help you choose the color and style that matches your other exterior features.

2. Evaluate your insulation needs
– Our garage doors offer superior insulation, which can save you money on your energy bills. The insulation integrated into the structure of the sectional door also ensures its solidity.

3. Set your budget
– The price of a garage door varies depending on the model, color, insulation and added options. Request a free quote to evaluate your project based on your needs and your budget.

4. Add windows to your garage door
– High-quality windows add light to your garage and can be an aesthetic option. Our windows are designed to prevent intruders from seeing inside.

5. Opt for a LiftMaster door opener
– Our LiftMaster door openers are reliable, quiet and safe. You can control your garage door remotely via an app on your smartphone.

Professional and certified installation
– Our installers are certified by the Régie du logement du Québec to guarantee quality work. We place great importance on customer satisfaction and are committed to providing you with professional and reliable service.

Contact Astra Fenestration today to get a free estimate and get started on your garage door renovation project.

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