Astra Fenestration is recognized for its excellence in the manufacturing of premium quality fiberglass balconies, specially designed for the residential sector.

We offer tailor-made products with a non-slip surface and requiring no maintenance.

Stability and reliability

– Our fiberglass balconies are constructed entirely from this material, ensuring exceptional strength and durability.
– We make it a point of honor to design products that resist corrosion, degradation and mold, thus ensuring a long lifespan for our installations.

Adaptability and aesthetics

– Our balconies harmonize with any type of exterior covering, thus offering an aesthetic appearance consistent with the style of your home.
– We offer a wide range of colors to meet your aesthetic preferences and allow you to personalize your balcony according to your tastes.

Protection and durability

– Fiberglass balconies provide protection against frost, fire, corrosion and UV rays, ensuring weather resistance and a long lifespan.
– This lightweight material is very robust and withstands the most extreme weather conditions, ensuring exceptional durability.

Ease of maintenance and resistance

– Unlike other materials, fiberglass does not require any specific maintenance to maintain its new appearance.
– It is also resistant to insect infestations, which contributes to its longevity and durability.

Personalized service and superior quality

– Our experienced team takes care of the design and realization of your fiberglass balcony projects, guaranteeing precise work and perfectly meeting your expectations.
– We offer you a personalized service and are committed to making your investment with Astra Fenestration the best choice for quality and durability.

Trust Astra Fenestration for the manufacture of your fiberglass balcony and benefit from a tailor-made, durable and aesthetic solution for your home.

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