Doors and Windows Buying Guide

Welcome to our buying guide dedicated to helping you choose the best doors and windows for your home or renovation project.

At Astra Fenestration, we understand that choosing the right door or window can not only transform the aesthetic of your home but also improve its energy efficiency and security. Follow our expert advice to make the best choice.

Understand your needs

1. Aesthetics

Think about the style of your home. Are you looking for a modern look, traditional, or something in between? Your choice of materials, colors and designs should complement the architecture of your home and reflect your personal style.

2. Energy Performance

Doors and windows play a crucial role in insulating your home. Opt for certified products with a good level of thermal insulation (U-value) and good airtightness to reduce your energy bills and improve the comfort of your interior.

3. Security

Safety is a priority. Look for doors and windows fitted with robust locking systems and, where necessary, safety glass for added peace of mind.

4. Maintenance

Consider the level of maintenance you are willing to do. Some materials, such as PVC or aluminum, offer greater durability and ease of maintenance compared to traditional wood.

Choosing the Right Material

Wooden Doors: Classic and elegant, but requires more maintenance.

Steel: Offers increased safety and good insulation, with less maintenance.

Fiberglass: Imitation wood with little maintenance, excellent insulation.

PVC windows: Economical, good thermal insulation, low maintenance.

Aluminum: Modern, durable, but less insulating without thermal break.

Wood: Natural, insulating, but requires regular maintenance.

ALU-Wood: Combining the beauty of wood on the inside and the durability of aluminum on the outside.

Measure Correctly

Accurate measurement is crucial to ensure your new doors and windows fit perfectly.

We strongly recommend hiring a professional for measurements and installation to avoid any future issues.

Professional Installation

Installation plays just as important a role as the quality of your doors and windows. Professional installation not only guarantees optimal performance but also the durability of your new products.

At Astra Fenestration, we offer an expert installation service to ensure everything is done to perfection.

Why Choose Astra Fenestration?

At Astra Fenestration, we are committed to providing high quality products and exceptional customer service.

With our wide range of doors and windows, our technical expertise, and our professional installation service, we are here to support you at every stage of your project.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us today. Transform your home with Astra Fenestration, where quality and satisfaction go hand in hand.