The arrival of fiberglass doors on the market has revolutionized the choice of entrance doors in Quebec since the 1990s. Offering a solid and durable alternative to wood, PVC and aluminum, these doors have quickly gained popularity.

Today, Astra Fenestration offers you an extensive range of fiberglass doors, combining versatility, durability and ease of maintenance.

Versatility and customization

– Fiberglass doors offer flexibility in design, shape and color, allowing customization according to your aesthetic preferences and the needs of your home.
– In addition to their aesthetic appearance, these doors offer practical advantages such as security, energy efficiency and durability, particularly important in the Quebec climate.

Sustainability and respect for the environment

– Fiberglass doors contribute to the preservation of forest resources by avoiding excessive consumption of wood, while offering the warm appearance of natural wood.
– Their strength and resistance to humidity make them a durable and reliable option, unlike steel doors which can warp over time.

Ease of maintenance and safety

– Unlike wooden doors which require regular maintenance with chemicals, fiberglass doors are easily cleaned with water, without requiring additional products.
– Their resistance to impacts and scratches makes them a safe and low maintenance option.

Aesthetics and adaptation

– Fiberglass doors add a touch of elegance to your home, enhancing the curb appeal and giving a great first impression to visitors.
– Their versatility allows them to be used not only for the main entrance, but also for other accesses to the house, thus providing aesthetic coherence to the entire property.

Astra Fenestration invites you to discover its selection of fiberglass doors on our website. We offer you the possibility of ordering directly online, without an intermediary, for a convenient and transparent purchasing experience.

In short, fiberglass doors offer a multitude of advantages: rigidity, stability, effective insulation, respect for the environment, durability, ease of maintenance and aesthetics. Choose quality and durability with Astra Fenestration!

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