Doors and Garage Doors

Discover a new dimension of elegance, security and functionality with the exceptional doors offered by Astra Fenestration. Whether to warmly welcome your guests at the entrance to your home or to secure your garage, we provide you with a complete range of doors designed to meet your most demanding needs.

Through our commitment to excellence and innovation, we have selected the best materials and collaborated with renowned manufacturers to offer you doors that combine modern aesthetics, superior performance and exceptional durability.

At Astra Fenestration, we understand that every detail counts when it comes to choosing doors that will reflect your lifestyle and personal preferences. Trust our expertise and commitment to quality to transform your home into a space where comfort, security and aesthetics combine harmoniously.

Steel Doors

Robust and durable, our steel doors offer unrivaled security while adding a touch of style to your facade. Made with premium materials, they are designed to withstand the elements and provide reliable protection against intrusion.

Fiberglass Doors

Our fiberglass doors combine the aesthetic appearance of wood with the durability and weather resistance of fiberglass. Their impeccable finishing details add a touch of elegance to your entrance, while providing optimal insulation and protection against UV rays.

Garage doors

The performance and durability of a garage door depend as much on the quality of the installation as on that of the product. At Astra Fenestration, we offer you high-end garage doors, designed to provide optimal functionality and maximum protection for your vehicle and your property.