Doors and windows are crucial elements of any home. As we seek to save energy and money, replacement often becomes inevitable. Manufacturers are constantly innovating to improve insulation and safety, making our old models obsolete.

However, what should you do with these old windows once they are replaced?

The answer is simple: recycle them!

Different materials, different solutions

No matter what material your windows are made of, there are several ways to recycle them effectively. However, it is crucial not to throw them in the trash.

Aluminum and PVC

These materials are easily recyclable. PVC can be reused in construction, while aluminum is melted down to make new parts, such as car wheels.

Window panes

Window panes can be melted down and made into glass bottles or jars, extending their lifespan.


Real wood is naturally biodegradable and easily recyclable. It can be transformed into other high-quality furniture, contributing to a more sustainable approach.

The benefits of recycling

Recycling your windows has many benefits. Not only are you contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable environment, but you can also benefit from significant tax advantages linked to your renovation work.

Astra Fenestration is committed to taking care of the recycling of your old windows. As supporters of the EnergyStar and Rénovert programs, we offer a recovery service for a minimal additional cost of $50 on your bill.

By recycling your windows with Astra Fenestration, you contribute to a greener future for everyone, while enjoying economic and environmental benefits.

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